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Signs for the Tokyo Olympics badminton event announced. What is the future of national feather?

   China News Service, July 9th. On the evening of the 8th Beijing time, the badminton draw ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games was held. According to the results of the draw, the 9-seat Chinese badminton team faced numerous challenges. The men’s singles and men’s doubles players gathered together, and it was not easy to defend the title. The mixed doubles, the most hopeful for gold, encountered strong opponents in the group stage.


Australian Open draw results: Wang Qiang encounters former French Open runner-up in the first round

   Chinanews client, February 5th, Beijing time on the 5th, according to official Australian Open news, the results of the 2021 Australian Open draw were announced. The 30th seed Wang Qiang faced Italian qualifiers and former French Open runner-up Elani. China’s five golden flowers are divided into four different quarters. According to the schedule, the Australian Open will officially start on the 8th.


13 national table tennis players will play in World Table Tennis Federation Macau

The World Table Tennis Professional League Macau Race will start in Macau on the 25th and will last until the 29th. This is also the first show of the World Table Tennis Professional League where Liu Guoliang is the chairman of the board. According to the previously announced list, China Ping Pong will have 13 people participating in the competition, among which the famous Ding Ning will come back.