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Develop good habits every day and change your life

Never stop learning. Improve yourself by reading. Pay attention to details because details determine everything. I wake up at 7 am and take a break at 11:30 every day and find that my mental state, skin, etc. have improved, and the quality of sleep without grogginess has also improved.


Getting along with yourself is a rare ability

And this is obviously the most fundamental issue in our lives. When we know our emotional ups and downs and understand our likes and dislikes, we will know how to make ourselves happy, and then we can better place ourselves.”Getting along with yourself is a rare ability”


The old man does whatever he wants

Friends often ask me, should I live with my own desires and make myself happy? Or should I choose rationally and not let desire drive me, looking happy but not really happy in my heart?


Walk with good people, work with reliable people, and get along with people who understand you!​

In this life, with what kind of person, he will have what kind of life. Those who are near Zhu are red and those who are near Mo are black. Working with good people will make you good; walking with people who work hard will make you progress; working with reliable people will make you feel at ease; getting along with people who understand you will make you relaxed. It is inevitable that there will be twists and turns in life with outstanding people. Whether it can be completed smoothly and whether it can go for a long time depends on who is walking with.


On the way to getting old, treat yourself well

In life, there are always people who make themselves very tired and hard, they wrong themselves for others; maybe in their hearts, people only have the blessings they can’t enjoy, and they don’t have the hardships they can’t stand. Matter, but only will not consider for oneself.


Birthday gift:a letter to myself

Every birthday after the age of 25, I have a requirement for myself. I have to give myself a gift every birthday. After thinking about it this year, I just want to write this article for myself.


100 Classic Poisonous Chicken Soup

The people with corrupted moral character that we curse are actually only harming our interests directly or indirectly. It was not until the age of 30 that I realized that speaking different things to different people and showing different attitudes is a very valuable ability, not hypocrisy.