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The AFC Controversy! The villain in the Super League escaped the red card, and the opponent’s ankle was kicked to deform + tears

At 21:00 on November 27th, Beijing time, in the fourth round of the 2020 AFC Champions League Group F, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua faced last season’s J-League runner-up Tokyo FC. In the match-up 3 days ago, relying on a shot from the Han Super League, Shenhua won 1-0. In this campaign, Mbia and Qian Jie were suspended, and Gaudi and Zhu Jianrong were injured. However, Moreno and Jin Xinyu two major foreign aids returned to the bench list.


AFC Champions League | Guoan four-game winning streak, Shenhua regrets defeat to Tokyo FC

Xinhua News Agency, Doha, November 27. The 2020 AFC Champions League will continue to compete in the group stage in Doha, Qatar on the 27th. Beijing Guoan won a 2-0 victory over Melbourne and qualified ahead of time with a four-game winning streak in the group stage. Shanghai Shenhua lost to Tokyo FC 1:2 and dropped to third in the group. The next game is critical. Guoan player Vieira (first from left) celebrated with his teammates during the game.


Not optimistic about Shenhua’s”Tian Ji Horse Racing”? Superman Yu Han didn’t say much, so he directly retorted with a goal

After coming to Doha, this is the second time for Yu Hanchao to attend the post-match conference with coach Cui Kangxi. He scored in both starts and was elected as the best in the game twice. He returned to the AFC stage to bloom again. Yu Hanchao made the most timely rebuttal by scoring the voices of those who were not optimistic about Shenhua and Chinese players. Caption:Yu Hanchao played in the game last night.


Guoan wins three consecutive group wins. Shenhua wins the Japanese team for the first time in 16 years. The AFC Champions League team continues to perform strongly

Hangzhou Daily News last night’s AFC Champions League, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan and Shanghai Greenland Shenhua in the semi-finals of the Chinese Super League received good news. With an overwhelming performance, the former triumphed in a 3-1 victory over the Australian Super League team Melbourne. While winning the group’s three consecutive victories, the former firmly occupied the first position and was in sight.


AFC Group F:Ulsan’s stoppage time lore regained the top spot, Shenhua ranked second by 1 point

Live broadcast on November 24th. The third round of the AFC Group F ended all matches. Shenhua defeated Tokyo FC 1-0 and Ulsan Hyundai beat Perth 2-1 in stoppage time. In the standings, Ulsan Hyundai returned to the top of the standings and Shenhua ranked second. Ulsan Hyundai equalized the score in 89 minutes, completed the reversal lore in the 92nd minute, and overtook Shenhua with 7 points to rank first in the group. Shenhua will continue to face Tokyo FC in the next round, and Ulsan will face Perth gloriously.


Yu Han super shot Shenhua defeats Tokyo FC

The third round of the 2020 AFC Group F match between FC Tokyo and Shanghai Shenhua was held at the Education City Stadium in Doha, Qatar. After this campaign, Shenhua temporarily climbed to the top with 3 matches, 2 wins and 1 loss, accumulating 6 points, Ulsan 2 matches, 1 win, 1 tie and 4 points, Tokyo 3 matches, 1 win, 1 tie, 1 loss and 4 points, Perth lost all 2 matches. Minute.


AFC Champions League-Yu Han super shot to win! Shenhua 1-0 Tokyo FC, temporarily promoted to the top of the group

On November 24th, Beijing time, Shenhua will face the Japanese team Tokyo FC in the AFC Group F match. In the first half of the game, neither team made any achievements. In the 70th minute, Yu Hanchao made a penalty kick and scored it personally. Shenhua defeated Tokyo FC 1-0 and won the second win in the group stage. They overtook Tokyo and Ulsan to rank first in the group.


Shenhua loses 1:3 to Ulsan Hyundai, China Super League team suffers first defeat in AFC season

China News Service, November 22. The second round of the AFC Group F group stage ended on the evening of the 21st. Shanghai Shenhua lost 1:3 to Ulsan Hyundai and suffered its first defeat in the AFC this season. In the first half, Yin Bi Jiaran scored twice, and in the second half, Kim Ki-hei extended the score for Ulsan Hyundai. After that, Shenhua’s substitute Zhu Jianrong scored a goal.