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Over 40 people have been shot in two major U.S. cities

  According to US media reports on the 2nd local time, the high incidence of gun violence in many places in the United States during the weekend that has just ended remains the same. Among them, at least 6 people were shot in New York City and 1 person died. As many as 39 people were shot in Chicago, and 5 people died.


Ronaldo is stateless! Only one touch of the ball in the penalty area

In the 18th round of Serie A, Juventus lost 0-2 away to Inter Milan and ended their 7 unbeaten games against Inter Milan. At the same time, this is also the first time Ronaldo lost to the Nerazzurri in his career. In this game, Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance was a bit sluggish. He only touched the ball once in the penalty area, and only one shot within the goal frame. In the game, Ronaldo’s 45-degree cross flew out of the sky, which is also a manifestation of Ronaldo’s poor state.


Curry:Oubrey always affects the game on the defensive end

In today’s regular season, the Warriors beat the Bulls 129-128 away. In this game, Warriors forward Kelly Oubre played 36 minutes and made 3 of 16 shots, including 0 of 6 three-pointers and 8 points and 11 rebounds. In an interview after the game, teammate Stephen Curry talked about the state of Oubrey.


Five embarrassing scenes of Evergrande tonight:Wei Shihao did not enter the empty door, and Park Zhizhu was “undercover” twice

At 18:00 on November 22, Beijing time, in the first round of Group G of the AFC Champions League, facing 0 foreign aid Suwon Samsung, Heng Dao scored 5 goals and 0 on goal. In the end, the two sides tied 0-0. Yesterday, Shanghai Shenhua’s “Second Team” played Ulsan Hyundai, who was second in the K-League, with 5 shots and 1 on goal, and finally lost 1-3. Shanghai Shenhua was undoubtedly crushed by Ulsan Hyundai, and the opponent completed 17 shots and 8 shots in the field.


Elected member of the Shan State district in Myanmar shot dead

At around 18 o’clock on November 21, local time, there was a shooting incident in Kyaukmai Township, Shan State, Myanmar. NLD member Wu Di was shot in his home and died. In the previous general election, Wu Di won the first electoral district of Shan State and was elected as a member of the National Assembly of the Federal Assembly.


UEFA Europa League-Portugal 0-1 France Cristiano Ronaldo Kante scores the winning goal

At 3:45 am on November 15th, Beijing time, a big battle in the European League A Group C was developed. The Portuguese team played against France at home. In the first half of the game, Martial hit the crossbar with a header. In the second half of the game, Kanter made a supplementary shot, and Fonte hit the post with a header. At the end of the game, France beat Portugal 1-0 in the away game, ranking first with 13 points in 5 rounds, and Portugal ranking second with 10 points.


Rose:By observing Kobe up close, I learned how to adapt to changes in the game

Tiger Fight, November 9th. Recently, on the podcast”Pushin’ Thru”, Pistons guard Derrick Rose talked about how Kobe has helped him adapt to the changes in NBA games. Shooting, you might think that shooting is the first thing you want to do, but in the league, shooting is not the skill that everyone relies on to enter the league.