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Jaylen Smith:I used to be a lazy kid, and my father helped me become self-disciplined

Tiger Fighting News on November 27 Today, the sun rookie Jaylen Smith accepted an interview with reporters and talked about his own growth experience. Jaylen Smith was selected by the Suns with the 10th overall pick in the first round of the 2020 draft.”My father used to be a naval officer, so he set a lot of rules for me when I was young. I grew up with these rules, and there are so many rules that I think most people can’t greet me. Come.


Jaylen Smith:The favorite team is the Lakers, because my dad is a loyal to the Lakers

Tiger Fight November 15 News Today, popular rookie Jaylen Smith accepted a media interview, he talked about his childhood favorite NBA team. Smith said:”My favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers. Obviously, my dad is a loyal to the Lakers. He grew up watching Magic Johnson and they grew up, so I followed him to support the Lakers and became a The Lakers are diehard.


New Jazz boss Smith:Buying a team is my dream

Live, October 29. According to previous reports, the Miller family agreed to sell the Utah Jazz to Qualtrics founder Ryan Smith for more than $1.6 billion. In an interview, Ryan Smith stated that he had discussed with Gail Miller many times that he wanted to buy the Jazz. He stated that he had played for the youth team in Salt Lake City when he was a kid, and has since bought Playing the Jazz has been his dream.


How many years are James’ career? JR-Smith:He can play as long as he wants

Tiger Fight, October 26th. Lakers guard JR Smith talked about teammate LeBron James during an interview on a podcast show recently. When asked how many years are left in James’ career, Smith said:“To be honest, I think he can play for as long as he wants. I have never seen someone like him who continues to take care of himself. He never stops. I don’t think he will stop.


Close to the second championship, JR-Smith is excited

The Lakers and the Heat in the sixth game of the finals, in the third quarter, the Lakers currently lead 82-50 by 32 points. Lakers guard JR-Smith celebrated wildly on the bench. If the Lakers win smoothly, this will be Smith’s second championship.