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It is very difficult for humans to fly out of the solar system, 21.6 billion kilometers away, and the probe sends back frustrating facts

Unfortunately, we are still in front of the first major hurdle, that is, the solar system. When we look at the solar system from the perspective of observable universe, we will feel that it is hardly worth mentioning. However, for humans, this distance is as difficult as heaven. Although our probe has reached the farthest distance that humans have reached so far, it is still a long distance from the edge of the solar system.


The earth flies 630 kilometers per second in the universe. Where is the destination? Scientists have given the answer

Mankind is the most intelligent life on earth. Since its birth, mankind has been constantly exploring the mysteries of the world. After thousands of years of scientific and technological development, mankind has been able to go out of the earth and explore the universe, which shows that the speed of human scientific and technological development is still very fast. Modern scientists believe that our universe was born 13.8 billion years ago. A singularity exploded 13.8 billion years ago. After the singularity exploded, The universe expanded rapidly around. After 13.8 billion years, the universe expanded into what we see now. The singularity is a point with infinite mass, infinite density, infinite energy, infinite heat and infinitely small volume. At present, scientists are unable to explain how the singularity came from.