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Russian anti satellite laser facility

Space review released an in-depth open-source survey, which analyzed public satellite images, bidding documents of Russian industrial contractors and Russian financial documents, revealing the existence of this new complex.


In 1967, knowing that they couldn’t come back alive, why did the Soviet astronauts still carry out the mission?

Before human spaceflight, space has always been a mysterious synonym. Until the development of science and technology is enough to support the exploration of space, human beings have seen the charm of space. But exploring space is neither easy nor safe, but it is accompanied by fatal crises everywhere. A little carelessness is a tragedy of ship destruction and human death.


Why did Yang Liwei bring a gun into space? Not against aliens, but the lessons of the Soviet Union should not be forgotten

After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, China has been vigorously developing the space industry, and has made many brilliant achievements. The most exciting thing is that in October 2003, Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei flew into space in Shenzhou V spacecraft, becoming the first Chinese to go into space, and China has become the third country with astronauts to go into space.


It’s true! People grow tall in space

Through the ages, the vast space has left us endless imagination, and also inspired us to explore the unknown world. Today is China space day. Watch the astronauts’ hand accounts and space Q & A.