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Women’s National U15 Basketball Tournament Preliminary: All players must be tested for bone age

The scene of the opening ceremony. Photo courtesy of the organizer Photo by Feng Li

   China News Service, Beijing, May 12th. The reporter learned from the Zunyi City Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau that the 2021 National U15 Basketball Match Women’s Preliminary (Zunyi Division) kicked off on the 11th in the Zunyi Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium. The event attracted 16 women’s teams and 256 athletes from all over the country. The top 8 seats will be determined through a 7-day, 56-match competition.


The Beidou Smart Orienteering Race started in Yiyang, more than 850 athletes felt the charm of “Beidou + Sports”

   China News Service, Yiyang, May 9 (Zhao Buyun) The Twelfth China Satellite Navigation Annual Conference “Beidou Cup” National Youth Sports Competition Beidou Smart Orienteering Competition was successfully held on the 9th in Taojiang County, Yiyang City, Hunan. More than 850 elementary and middle school students from different schools, as well as family parent-child groups, gathered in the Taohuajiang Zhuhai Tourist Resort to experience a “Beidou + Sports” fusion and innovative charm event.


The distribution of Shanghai sports coupons is “upgraded”. The total amount issued is about 40 million

China News Service, May 1st (Reporter Miao Lu) The 2021 Shanghai sports coupon distribution work was officially launched on the 1st. Based on the experience of Shanghai sports coupons distribution in 2020, the Shanghai Sports Bureau will strive to create an “upgraded version” this year. “, the total amount of vouchers issued is higher, the subsidy is greater, the duration is longer, the stadiums are more, the sports are more abundant, and the participation methods are more convenient, and actively contribute to the “National Consumption Promotion Month” in 2021 and the “Fifth Five-Year Shopping Festival in Shanghai”. “.


Assisting the construction of a sports power, the youth sports development charity fund launched

Guo Meijian, chairman of the China Youth Development Foundation, awarded a charity ambassador certificate to sports stars. Photo courtesy of the organizer

China News Service, Beijing, April 22. The reporter learned from the event organizer that the China Youth Development Foundation #8226; Youth Sports Development Charity Fund was officially launched on the 21st at the Laoxian Town Central Primary School in Pingli County, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province. The fund aims to strengthen the physique of the young people in the country, cultivate the lofty ambitions of young people to strive for self-improvement and serve their homeland, and to allow young people across the country to enjoy fair and quality physical education.


Three ministries and commissions including the General Administration of Sports will jointly intervene in young people’s myopia, obesity and other issues

The scene of the 2021 National Youth Sports Work Conference. Image source: China Sports News

China News Service, Beijing, April 21 (Reporter Lu Yan) The reporter learned from the 2021 National Youth Sports Work Conference held in Guilin on the 21st that the State Sports General Administration will strengthen the work of youth health promotion in 2021, in conjunction with the Health Commission. , The Ministry of Education has jointly implemented interventions for myopia, obesity, scoliosis, and mental health problems.


Beijing Sport University announces research results revealing how to develop nutritional strategies for young ice hockey players

   China News Service, Beijing, April 18 (Hao Lingyu) On April 17, the “Winter Sports Nutrition Forum” was held in Beijing. The School of Sports and Human Sciences of Beijing Sport University released the phased research results on the topic of winter sports nutrition at the forum. Studies have shown that astaxanthin may delay the production of physical fatigue, and the supplementation of a good dietary structure and other nutrients may be beneficial to athletes to improve their exercise status.