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Armed Police Jilin Detachment Launches”Devil Week” Extreme Training

Recently, the Jilin Detachment of the Armed Police Jilin Corps conducted a 7-day and 6-night”Devil Week” extreme training in a mountainous area of ​​Jilin City, requiring special combatants to carry no less than 30 kilograms per person, a daily journey of no less than 30 kilometers, and training time Not less than 18 hours.


Barcelona lost 730 million euros in five years! Counting La Liga giants confused signing, only a few people performed well

Barcelona have signed many stars in recent years, but the club’s signing has been criticized. The British”Sun” has counted Barcelona’s loss-making contracts since the 2015-16 season, with a total price of 730 million pounds.”The Sun” pointed out that if Barcelona can make a more rational signing, Messi may also get more trophies and personal honors.