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Official publicity of Shenzhen men’s basketball team:Wang Jianjun returned to take charge of the coach wuqinglong joined as a consultant

On June 24, Beijing time, the Shenzhen men’s basketball team officially announced that Wang Jianjun would be the coach of the team in the new season, and wuqinglong, the former coach of Qingdao team, would join the team as a consultant. Wang Jianjun has coached the Shenzhen team for many seasons. His best achievement is to lead the team to the top four of the league in the 16-17 season and the 19-20 season. In 2020, Wang Jianjun finished his class in the middle of the season due to his poor performance in leading the team, and qiubiao took over the leadership of the team.


The core of the harbor team announced the latest decision, and the suspense of Oscar’s return to the Chinese Super League was announced. Congratulations to Taishan, Shandong

On May 20, Beijing time, it is getting closer and closer to the opening of the Chinese Super League in the new season. Although the football association has not officially announced the official opening date of the Chinese Super League, we can be sure that the opening date of the Chinese Super League has been put on the agenda. Previously, many media broke the news that the football association plans to start the game on June 3. At present, the plan has been submitted. If there is no accident, the game will start on this date, Moreover, at present, the three competition areas are ready and everything seems to be ready. Therefore, there will not be much resistance to the start of the Chinese Super League.


Transfer rumors in European football:Ronaldo leaves the team, Manchester United welcomes the new striker, and Barcelona is expected to win

Just recently, the well-known foreign media also listed five heavy operations that may exist in the transfer market this summer. Each operation is likely to affect the championship competition pattern of their respective leagues. For example, Manchester United in the Premier League, Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga and Barcelona in the Spanish League all hope to strengthen the team lineup through the introduction of reinforcements.