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French President Macron:Double deployment of security forces in border areas to respond to terrorist threats

On November 5, local time, French President Macron announced during an inspection of a French-Western border point in the Eastern Pyrenees that France will double its deployment of security forces in all border areas to deal with the increasingly severe terrorist threat. . He said that France will deploy 4,800 police, military police and troops in the border areas to combat illegal immigration and strengthen security.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses condolences

At today’s regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a reporter asked:According to reports, the”Islamic State” has declared responsibility for the terrorist attacks in Vienna, claiming to retaliate for Austria’s participation in the US-led anti-Islamic State operation. An Austrian Chinese died in the shooting, and another Chinese citizen was slightly injured. What is China’s comment? Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that China was deeply shocked by the attack.


Terrorism darkens, and a shooting terrorist attack occurs in Vienna late at night

At around 8 pm local time on November 2nd, a terrorist attack occurred in the center of Vienna, the Austrian capital, which caused many casualties. The extremist organization”Islamic State” and”jihadists” subsequently declared responsibility for the attack. It is understood that there have been many terrorist attacks across Europe in the past month, and the haze of terrorism has enveloped the skies of Europe. Gunshots broke out on the eve of the lockdown, and”jihadists” indiscriminately killed civilians.