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Some people’s practices are scandalous

It’s not that it’s so simple to see how a person turns into an animal. If you use such an idea, then go to see what some people do now. Is it that what they do is not too different from what animals do.


The last soldier

“As long as the bridge is there, our task is still there; as long as they repair it once, we will blow it up once.” Somehow, in the dead of night recently, when the wind rises and the moon shines, these words always inadvertently float in my ears.


Happy angel in white holiday!

Beijing, May 12 (Xinhua) they were originally spoiled children in front of their parents’ knees, but once they put on masks and white clothes, they set foot on the battlefield to fight against the disease and epidemic situation like the legendary god of war in golden armor. They lamented generously and experienced hundreds of battles, and died without turning their heels to protect peace. Let’s see them grow warm wings and embrace the stars. Pay tribute to every angel in white. Happy nurse’s Day! (end)