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Bulgarian brides rally, 15-year-old girl clearly marked the price, give money to take away as a wife

According to China Youth Daily, there was a famous bride rally in Bulgaria, which was criticized and controversial, but it survived. At the rally, the 15-year-old girl clearly marked the price, and the money can be taken away as a wife. The price is often only a few thousand euros. The formation of this tradition is related to the history of Bulgaria and also to the very low status of women in the country.


In December, I told Xiao Zhan about love:How much did you love him in the name of chasing stars?

How many people, in the name of star chasing, have quietly moved you sincerely. How many people, with the reason of eating melon, unknowingly put you in their hearts. How many people blamed their initial curiosity, but inexplicably hurt your heart and wet their eyes. How many people come with the crowd just to join in the fun, but inadvertently, just want to stand in front of you desperately and never want to leave.