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Sa Beining sent citrus to his hometown, “sweetly cry” Qu Yuan “China in the Classics” This encounter of more than two thousand years is too moving

“My heart-to-heart show has finally speeded up the updated progress bar!” When I learned that the large-scale cultural program “China in the Classics” of China Central Radio and Television Station will usher in the seventh issue of “The Songs of Chu” this Saturday (August 14) evening. “, “Dian Fans” said: “Happiness is caught off guard!”


Tianwen-1 completed the third midway correction of orbit

Pinwan News on October 29, according to CCTV News, at 22:00 on October 28, under the control of the flight control team, the Tianwen-1 probe successfully completed the third orbit correction. It is reported that the amendment is to make minor adjustments to the transfer orbit after the deep-space maneuver, so that Tianwen-1 will rendezvous with Mars at the scheduled time.


Tianwen-1 successfully completed the third midway correction of its orbit, about 44 million kilometers from the earth

[Tianwen-1 successfully completed the third midway correction of the orbit about 44 million kilometers away from the earth] At 22:00 on October 28th, Beijing time, under the control of the flight control team of China’s first Mars exploration mission, 8 Tianwen-1 probes were 25N The engine was ignited at the same time, and the third orbit midway correction was successfully completed, and the actual performance of the 25N engine was calibrated on orbit.


Why does Tianwen-1 bring a”selfie photographer” to Mars?

October 1st of this year is a rare opportunity for the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival to coincide. When people who have been depressed for a long time put the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and other festive atmospheres into this holiday, they have been flying nearly continuously. The 190 million-kilometer Tianwen-1 Mars Rover also sent its most unique blessing:a super selfie with the farthest and strongest in Chinese history, with a bright five-star red flag shining deep in space.