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On the fourth day after London’s lockdown, the most unbearable scene happened

This article is reproduced from the WeChat public account Niu Tanqin. The author Niu Tanqin’s seemingly common details actually expose too many deep-seated problems. The worst scene happened after the fourth day of London’s lockdown. It is not the rapid decline in the number of diagnoses and deaths. Frankly speaking, such high expectations are out of reality; it is that the order in some areas has fallen into chaos, and even the trapped people and the police have even started fighting.


Serious car accident in Nevada killed 5 cyclists

China News Service, December 11th. According to the “Central News Agency” report, the Nevada state police said that on the 10th local time, a serious car accident occurred on Highway 95 in the southern part of Boulder, the state. A van hit a group of cyclists. , Resulting in the death of 5 cyclists and 3 injuries.


18 dead in Songyuan car accident:many people were killed on their way to break the corn that was blown down by typhoon early in the morning

At 5:41 on October 4, a major road traffic accident occurred at 39 kilometers of Provincial Highway 514 in Fuyu City, Songyuan City, Jilin Province. According to the official Weibo news of the Traffic Administration of the Ministry of Public Security, the accident has caused 18 deaths and 1 injury. . At 20:12 on the 4th, the WeChat public account”Songyuan released” news that at about 5:40 on October 4, the number was running from west to east near Shiqiao Village, Changchunling Town, Fuyu City, 39 kilometers from Provincial Highway 514. The A1E19W small ordinary truck with the brand name Ji hit the rear of an agricultural four-wheel tractor driving in the same direction and then entered the opposite lane and collided with the Ji JMK350 ordinary truck on the opposite side.