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98-year-old Kissinger is right. Biden is afraid to follow the old path of the US president and it is time to test China’s determination.

According to the Global Times, former US Secretary of State Kissinger once stated that Biden needs to change relations with China to achieve development. However, combined with the current situation and the analysis of the US media, Biden may really want to follow the old path of US President Trump against China, but the change he wants to make should be to strengthen his targeting.


Sure enough, Trump’s final day plan was exposed

Source:Author cow playing Micro Signal:cow playing the United States government entered the final transition period. If you follow the usual practice, on January 20, the new president will be sworn in, the old president’s congressional witness, the mass demonstration, the White House ball… but this year is unusual. Trump is Trump. He has made it clear that I will not participate in Biden’s inauguration. Trump also became the first outgoing president not to attend the inauguration ceremony of a new president in 150 years.


Trump wants to leave the White House on Biden’s inauguration day, but also has a “farewell ceremony”?

   China News Service, January 16th. According to a comprehensive report, as the inauguration of the new president of the United States approaches, many foreign media have exposed the current President Trump’s specific plan when he leaves the White House. Trump is expected to leave the White House on the day of the inauguration of President-elect Biden, on the morning of the 20th, and fly to Sea Lake Estate in Florida.


At the most sensitive moment, five major events happened in the United States! Trump puts on a cruel remark

This article is reproduced from the WeChat public account Niu Tanqin, author Niu Tanqin Now, everyone on earth knows that the United States is at the most sensitive moment in decades. The capital Washington has entered a state of emergency, and more than 10,000 National Guard soldiers are dispatched urgently. But the tree wants to be quiet and the wind keeps going. Five major events have just happened in the United States. Some farces are still going on, but there are also new dramatic turns. Very subtle, really subtle!


Supporters chanted:Bringing heavy weapons to Washington on the 20th, Trump is really scared this time

The first military author:Executive Ge by saying:”playing with fire gets burned.” This sentence has been fulfilled to Trump. In order to compete with Biden for the presidency, Trump called on his supporters on social media on the first day of the new year to go to the capital Washington to”King King” on the 6th local time. He did not expect that this operation would have serious consequences:the supporters directly The US Congress was captured and the joint meeting of the Senate and the House of Representatives was blocked, causing serious casualties.


The super funder behind Trump is dead

According to many American media reports, Sheldon Alderson, a Jewish American gambling tycoon who sponsored the U.S. Republican Party and invested heavily in the 2016 and 2020 U.S. presidential elections, was ultimately due to cancer. The complications that caused him died in the 87th year of his life.


The most important political struggle in the history of the United States begins. The US military has increased its troops to the capital and has authorized shooting and killing.

The first military author:Assassin supporters of the incumbent president of the United States Capitol own impact, evolved into the worst political riots in the history of the United States and eventually led to the bloody tragedy four demonstrators and a policeman killed. This major political event is unique in the 250-year history of the United States. And on January 11, 2021, for Americans, it is an unforgettable day.