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Trump voted for himself early in Florida

[Overseas News] Before starting a full day of campaign rally, President Trump cast his vote at a library in Palm Beach County, Florida on Saturday (24th). On Saturday, October 24, in West Palm Beach, Florida, Trump talked to reporters after voting.


Trump complained that”turning on the TV is all about the new crown, the new crown, the new crown”:you will not report the 500 deaths in the plane crash

On October 24, local time, US President Trump held a campaign rally in Lampton, North Carolina. At the rally, Trump complained about media reports about the new crown epidemic,”They prolonged the epidemic. Now I turn on the TV and hear all these,’New crown, new crown, new crown…’ Even if 500 people died in a plane crash, they did not Report.


“Always asking sharp questions, can’t talk, leave”

In the video, Trump complained that the host Starr always asked him sharp questions, saying that it was impossible to talk about it and interrupted the interview. Starr couldn’t hide her disappointment after ending her separate interview with Vice President Pence. She was extremely dissatisfied and accused that Trump and Pence did not answer her questions directly, insulting her and the show.