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Make a comeback in 2024? There are many obstacles for trump to run for president again

China news service, July 14 (zhangmingxin) – although the current U.S. President Biden’s term of office is not more than half, news about the 2024 U.S. presidential election has been endless. On the one hand, the White House said Biden would run for re-election; On the other hand, insiders around trump also revealed that he would “make a comeback”.


A fire in the backyard of the United States at a critical moment?”French trump” is expected to come to power, and the situation in Europe may reverse

On the 11th, the results of France’s first round of general election were freshly released, which surprised Washington that Marina Le Pen, the presidential candidate of the”National League” party, was”killed” out of the encirclement with a high vote rate of 23.4%, becoming the candidate who finally competed with macron for the French presidency, only 4.2 percentage points behind macron, who had the highest vote rate.