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Japan’s new crown vaccine has strengthened vaccination and issued a new policy. Local governments are in trouble

Beijing, Nov. 16 (Xinhua) according to the Japan economic news, on the 15th local time, Japan’s Ministry of health, labor and welfare decided to take booster shots at an interval of 6 months after the second shot of Xinguan vaccine. Previously, houlao Province announced that the interval was 8 months. Considering the prevention effect, local governments are now allowed to judge whether to advance the interval. At the same time, the vaccine manufacturer of booster injection can be different from the first and second injection. When the vaccination day is approaching, local governments have made it difficult to amend the policy so quickly.


National Health Commission: strive to complete the whole process of new crown vaccination for people aged 3-11 by the end of December

Beijing, November (Xinhua) 13, Wei Jian, deputy director of the State Council for Disease Control and prevention, Wu Liang, has introduced in November 13th. The national Wei Jian committee will continue to promote vaccine immunization for key groups and the vaccination of COVID-19 among the 3-11 year olds. At present, 84.395 million people aged 3-11 have been vaccinated, and 49.44 million people have been vaccinated. We will strive to complete the whole process of vaccination for people aged 3-11 by the end of December.


The “third dose” vaccination in Cambodia was promoted in an orderly manner

Kampuchea novel coronavirus pneumonia, November, 13 (reporter Ouyang Kaiyu), after opening all sectors of the industry in early November and entering a new phase of “epidemic with virus”, there was no significant rebound in the new crown pneumonia cases reported in the daily area. The third needle vaccination campaign was orderly promoted.


The fourth outbreak in Germany was mainly caused by the infection of unvaccinated people

Beijing, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) according to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, the fourth wave of epidemic outbreak in Germany was mainly caused by infection among those who had not been vaccinated with Xinguan vaccine. The number of new crown patients received by a local hospital has tripled in recent weeks, nearly half of them need respirators, and the relevant cases have not been vaccinated.