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An unsettled case 16 years ago has finally come to a conclusion today. Did Wang Liqin “let” Wang Hao?

Fans familiar with national table tennis know that in the era of two kings and one horse, Wang Hao, Wang Liqin, and Ma Lin basically won all the table tennis championships in the world, but the three set an embarrassing record, that is, none of them. To win the”Grand Slam”, Wang Hao missed the Olympic singles gold medal, Wang Liqin missed the World Cup and Olympics, and Ma Lin missed the World Table Tennis Championships.


The princess of Dubai spent huge sums of money to cheat on young bodyguards, and the chief personally found these details too hard

The royal album on Friday ~ Dongdong and Xixi wrote about the divorce case of the Princess of Dubai (click here to review). Princess Haya won the case and won the custody of two children. She is already free. However, the gossip is not over. In order to prove that Princess Haya was not observing women’s way, he threw out evidence of her derailment and planted a large green grassland on his head by himself.


Wang Hao visited and expressed condolences to veterans and comrades of the Volunteer Army, inheriting and carrying forward the great spirit of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea

(Quick News Reporter Tian Qingwu) On October 24, Wang Hao, deputy secretary of the Suqian Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, led the chief officials of the Municipal Party Committee’s Veterans Affairs Bureau and the Municipal Veterans Affairs Bureau to visit and condolences to veterans and comrades who went abroad to fight to resist the US and Aid Korea. The government extended its high respect and cordial greetings to all the veterans and comrades of the volunteer army who are still alive in Suqian.