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New Year of Culture

Calm down and slowly feel the uneasy years of the past year. We long for the years to be quiet. We hope that the years will be safe. On the New Year’s Eve, when we are leaving the old and welcoming the new, let us wish together:the year of the ox is proud, happy and healthy! However, the sudden new crown epidemic seems to have broken the silence of the Year of the Rat and messed up the rules of life, and life is still going on, and epidemic prevention must be strict.


Maguire:Our performance is not good enough, we did not reach the expected level

Live broadcast, January 28th, in the early morning of January 28th, Beijing time, in the 20th round of the 2020-21 Premier League, Manchester United lost to Sheffield United 1-2 at home. Maguire, who scored the only goal for Manchester United after the game, accepted an interview with BT Sports. Maguire said:”Our performance is not good enough to reach the level of the last few weeks. We have let our opponents score two goals, now it is time to stand up and summarize.


Arnold:Regardless of the score against Tottenham, only hope for a victory

According to Liverpool’s official website, Reds defender Arnold looked forward to the Premier League’s focus on Liverpool’s away game against Tottenham in the early hours of Friday morning. He analyzed the reasons for the team’s recent poor performance and hoped for the ball. The team found the right attitude, reversed the decline through a victory, and regained the rhythm of winning.


To 2021:Clear the past and start again

Author:Wen Autumn Sound original articles, plagiarism reserved time rush, it is like a meteor from our lives, quietly across. The end of 2020 is approaching. Looking back on this year, I have regrets in my heart and many unfinished ordinary things. The road of life is rugged and winding, which makes people unable to see how many sharp turns are ahead, and often people don’t see how dark the abyss is beside the road. As travelers, we have no time to take care of it.


Szczesny:After winning the Italian Super Cup, I went for a doping test and missed the locker room celebration

Live broadcast, January 23. Recently, Juventus goalkeeper Szczesny accepted an interview with Italy’s”Sky Sports”. In the interview, he talked about the Italian Super Cup that beat Naples not long ago. He said:”I didn’t participate in the celebration in the locker room after I won the Super Bowl because they immediately took me to the doping test, so I didn’t have time or the opportunity to celebrate the victory with my teammates.