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Putin opened fire on the whole west:your superiority was gained by robbing other nations

In order to interrupt the pace of China’s rise, the United States has also frequently intervened in China’s internal affairs, not only stirring up the Taiwan Strait issue, but also vigorously pursuing the so-called”free navigation” and making waves in the South China Sea. Recently, Russian President Putin directly”opened fire” on the whole west, saying that”your superior position is obtained by robbing other nations”.


Thousands of volunteers of the Western China Program in Shanxi went to Xinjiang, Tibet and other places to serve

Chinanews, Taiyuan, July 22 (reporter Fan Lifang) – on the 22nd, the reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League that with the first batch of 300 volunteers of the western program leaving to serve in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, thousands of volunteers of the western program will successively go to Tibet, Ningxia and other places in the province to start volunteer services for one to three years.


Russia or America? On the 133rd day of the Ukrainian war, the Vietnamese Prime Minister finally spoke

Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the United States has put pressure on countries around the world to choose sides and stand in line, which Vietnam has also been under deep pressure for some time in the past. It has been 133 days since Russia launched a special military operation against Ukraine. Recently, Vietnam finally made a voice about which Russia and the United States should choose. The outside world is also very concerned about the attitude of Vietnam, an ASEAN member.


Alienating Sino Russian relations, the United States demanded that China form an alliance with the west, while Putin refused to compromise and stormed Ukraine

On July 9, Chinese State Councilor and foreign minister Wangyi held a five hour meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Bali, Indonesia. The meeting was substantive and constructive. The two sides were able to have frank and in-depth exchanges, which was of positive significance to enhancing mutual trust between China and the United States!


Russia was targeted, and senior officials from the United States and Europe collectively left the G20 meeting! China showed its attitude on the spot

The US and European countries could not afford to play. At the meeting held by G20 finance ministers and central bank governors, Russia was targeted again. Senior US and European officials collectively left the table to protest against Russia’s participation. China showed its attitude on the spot against such behavior of senior US and European officials.