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Lakers players celebrate party at Malibu beach restaurant

TMZ reported that on Wednesday, US time, the Lakers players celebrated their championship at the Nobu Sushi Restaurant in Malibu Beach, Los Angeles. LeBron James to Danny Green, Kyle Kuzma, Dwight Howard showed up with his wife or girlfriend, and everyone must wear a mask when entering the restaurant.


Learn the spirit of women’s volleyball! Chinese men’s football team watched”Win the Championship”

On October 6, Beijing time, the Chinese football team official said on Weibo:In order to learn the spirit of the women’s volleyball team, the Chinese men’s football team watched the movie”Win the Championship.” After the team conducted 90 minutes of high-intensity technical and tactical training in the Houpaier Sports Park in the morning, all the staff watched the movie”Win the Championship” in the afternoon.


Regrettably,”Winning the Championship” fell behind,”sports themes are a bonanza ignored by the film industry”

According to preliminary statistics from the National Film Specialty Office, on October 1, the national film market produced 750 million box offices and nearly 19 million movie viewers. The halo of the super IP of the”Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team” and the”Win the Championship” escorted by luxury creators such as Chen Kexin, Gong Li, Huang Bo, etc., even though it was the first to open the painting before the festival and received a box office of 281 million yuan, it will be the National Day in 2020. After the box office battle officially kicked off, facing the flanking attack of the two top seeded players of”Jiang Ziya” and”My Hometown”,”Win the Championship” seemed a little weak, and the gap with the opponents was quietly widening…


“Winning Championship” exceeded 200 million box office, with a cat’s eye rating of 9.2 and highly acclaimed

At 00:00:00 on September 29th, according to the professional version of Maoyan, the box office of”Winning Championship” has exceeded the 200 million mark, and fans have expressed their congratulations. On September 25,”Win the Championship” was officially released in mainland China, starring Gong Li, Huang Bo, Wu Gang and other veteran actors. The film restored the glorious history of Chinese women’s volleyball on the court. Real women’s volleyball players were selected to participate in the film. China The images of women’s volleyball team’s struggle for more than 30 years are truly shown in front of people.