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Hubei Dangyang police smashed an online “roller” gang involving nearly 100 million yuan

   Chinanews.com, Yichang, December 15th (You Xiaolu Xiangwei) The group opened a casino on game software and invited people to participate in gambling to make a profit. The Public Security Bureau of Dangyang City, Hubei Province reported on the 15th that the police successfully cracked an online gambling case involving nearly 100 million yuan in the ongoing “net-net operation” and arrested more than a dozen criminal suspects.


A son accused his father of sexually assaulting his daughter-in-law, and his father accused his son of slander. How do you evaluate the behavior of the father and son?

[Case Replay] Chairman Yang sexually assaulted his daughter-in-law as his granddaughter, and his son knocked on the gong in front of the company and yelled:”Without a father, there is no home.” The whistleblower is suspected to be Yang’s youngest son. According to his publication, in Canada in July this year, Yang acted as an 18-month-old granddaughter and forcibly dragged his daughter-in-law to the water room for sexual assault. Later, the victim reported to the police in Canada, and Yang fled back to China. The victim reported the case in China, but the case was not filed because the incident occurred abroad.


An Anhui man spent 100,000 to”marry” a Myanmar 18-year-old daughter-in-law. After two years of marriage, the woman disappeared strangely. Family members:the two have not had time to obtain the certificate

Recently, according to media reports, Li, a woman from Fuyang, Anhui, reported that her sister-in-law had disappeared. When the police learned of the case, they immediately intervened in the investigation. It turned out that Li’s sister-in-law, Wei, was a Burmese. At the age of 18, Li’s brother married him home for 100,000.