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Changchun Yatai”Double Wings” in the past, now the youth training venues”Fly together”

Xinhua News Agency, Changchun, December 15th, title:Changchun Yatai”double wings” in the past, now the youth training venue”Fly together” Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Dian Changchun Yatai”Youth Army” recently completed the assembly into the winter training mode, including U23 team, U16 to More than 30 players from the U19 team will be evaluated and selected by the first team coach Chen Yang to add new impetus to the Super League in the new season.


Gao Hongbo talks about youth training:Focus on player development, don’t blindly pursue achievements

The site of the presentation by Zhang Qin, the site of the presentation by Zhang Qin, Chinanews.com, Wuhan, December 14 (Zhang Qin Maoxun)”Chinese Football Association Youth Training Program” (hereinafter referred to as”Academic Training Program”) Preaching session on the afternoon of the 14th The Wuhan Football Association’s Tazi Lake Training Base was held. This is the first time that the”Academic Training Outline” was announced outside Beijing.


Chen Xuyuan:National youth players are in poor physical condition, and they have almost no upper body strength at the age of 19

Live Broadcast News on November 19 Chen Xuyuan, chairman of the Chinese Football Association, accepted a sports interview from the People’s Daily, focusing on youth training.”The quantity and quality of our youth training are far from meeting the requirements of youth training. After Lao Bei (Benitez) arrived in Dalian, I regret to see that the basic technical movements of the 23 and 24 year olds in Dalian are not available in China. Solved, but the 14 or 15-year-old players in Europe have already settled.


The U19 Basketball League Final is open! After 7 rounds of group matches, Hongyuan is the bottom, Shenzhen and Shanghai compete for the championship

On October 15, Beijing time, the 2020 National U19 Youth Basketball League ended the group stage of the competition. After 7 rounds of competition, 14 teams from 2 groups will be ranked in the finals on October 16 according to the results of the group stage. The schedule is as follows, the 13th and 24th place competition:Guangdong Hongyuan-Jilin Siberian Tiger.


Youth training is the foundation of the national football, don’t let it hurt anymore

On September 7, 2020, Luneng Football School joined forces with Evergrande Football School, Greentown Football School and R&F Football School to make a”big event” and made a joint statement regarding some of the current domestic youth training.”Academic training is the foundation of the development of Chinese football.” Today in 2020, not many people will have any opinions on this sentence.